• Basic Limpieza

    A basic limpieza would be a limpieza for “everyday” problems. This would be done during times of stress, anxiety, fatigue, or change.

  • Group Limpieza

    These are wonderful introductory sessions that allow you to see what a limpieza is about before making a private appointment.

  • Post Trauma

    A post trauma limpieza would be done post any type of trauma. The goal of this limpieza is to help the individual to release/ clear the energy the trauma from the energy body.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Gianna. I am a classically trained chef and healer. I have worked in some of the best restaurants in Charlotte, including 5Church and Baku. Becoming a chef allowed me to learn about different food traditions as well as ways to honor them. Being raised in a very spiritual and culturally open household, I always had an interest in Magickal traditions. As a child, I was a natural healer. Whether it was animals or people, I would "take in strays" and help them to return to wholeness. As I grew up, I became aware of the fact that not everyone was exposed to as many cultures. As one of the owners of the metaphysical store Curio Craft and Conjure (located in the heart of NoDa) and a Chef the foundation for Curio Craft and Conjure was born. I wanted to have a part in expanding the knowledge around cultures, healings, and magickal traditions here in my hometown. Since Curio Craft and Conjure has opened, I have been able to openly embrace being a Curandera, offering Limpiezas (energy clearings), teaching classes and creating handmade ritual products.

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What is a Limpieza

A Limpieza is a way to clear energy from an individual. Gianna takes a Shamanic approach to energy work, using sound, plant spirits, and smoke to clear the energetic field of a person. She will first determine the compromised chakra using chumpi stones, from there she will use different sounds to loosen heavy energy in a person’s field, and different herbs to first take away the energy that no longer serves them and then use more herbs to intentionally replace that energy. Typically clients mention that they experience improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, as well as just feeling lighter in general.

What is a Limpieza

Visit us at Curio, Craft, & Conjure

Gianna works side by side with her mother, Gina, at their family owned store, Curio, Craft & Conjure. Stop by and discover magic traditions from around the world and talk to Gianna firsthand.


"I received a healing from Gianna that was beyond words. I came in feeling a heaviness in my body that I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was going on. Within just a few minutes, I was in a deep meditative state and felt the energy shift. I left feeling more vibrant and clear than I have in a while. Thank you Gianna for an incredible experience 💜"
- Jessica B.
“First of all I just want to say that the place is incredible it smells really good and they have good relaxing music second I went to get a limpieza with Gianna, and let me just tell you it was so relaxing I felt so relieved of all the negative Energy I almost felt asleep, also she told me some stuff that nobody knew about it that happened in the past but since the limpieza is to bring all the bad stuff that happened to your body she was able to see it, she is very professional, very friendly she knows what she doing, I will definitely go back and get more limpiezas done. I 100% recommend her. “
- Brenda A
" Gianna has really helped turn things around for me. My intuition is stronger, my ability to shield myself from negative energy as an empath is stronger. I'm less paranoid and I'm just all around better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
- Kat V

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