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Limpieza (Energy Clearing)

Book a limpieza (energy clearing)

Meet Your Curandera

Hey! I'm Gianna! I empower people to follow their paths and lead lives of ritual. I help you to recognize, identify, and work through ancestral and generational trauma so that you can overcome ancestral patterns, thoughts, and beliefs. I am a classically trained chef and naturally gifted healer. My mother, Gina Spriggs (a well known Tarot Master), raised me in a spiritually and culturally open home that honors earth based, magickal traditions. Growing up I often took in "strays" - both animals and people - to support their healing journey. As I got older, I realized that not everyone honors the traditions and energetic healing practices that science is just starting to validate. As co-owner of my family business, Curio, Craft, & Conjure (located in the heart of Charlotte's art district) , I help you to expand awareness of spiritual traditions, cultural practices, and healing modalities. I am the resident Curandera, offering Limpiezas (energy clearings), sharing wisdom, and creating handcrafted ritual products that are available in store.

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Follow Your Path

Curio Curandera LLC. is about giving you access to the tools, talents, and skills you need to go along your journey. Whether you want to shed ancestral trauma, learn about how others practice spirituality, or develop a meditation practice Curio Curandera LLC. has the tools to help you help yourself.