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Past Life Journey

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Depending on your spiritual belief system, you may or may not believe in reincarnation. Many of us have heard of people talking about “past lives” and past life regressions. A Past Life journey is a guided journey in which I guide you to meet the person you were in one of your past lives. The past life who you are guided to meet connects with whatever patterns or “baggage” that you are currently working through that started in that life. In working through and recognizing any past life baggage, you can help to heal your soul from any patterns, wounds, or lessons that you still have opportunities with.
This can be done in person or remotely. Please provide a valid email address so that we may schedule your session. Each Session is 30 minutes long. Please provide at least 24 hours before any cancellations. Any cancellations under 24 hours (or no shows) will not be refunded.