Episode 8: Speaking with Nancy Ramos

"I was born in a little town in Mexico called Matamoros. I spent the first few years of my life in Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí, before moving to Charlotte.
Ever since I was little, I remember being drawn to art.
When art chose to express itself through me, I started with pencil drawings, then colored pencils, and now painting with acrylics, oils and watercolors on canvas, glass and anything i can get my hands on, really.
I have always admired the impact that art has on the on people.
Looking at a piece of artwork can heal the soul, connect worlds, and mend barriers."

Nancy Ramos is an artist who specializes in combining renaissance realism with the bright colors of Latin folk art. She also happens to be one of the owners of Curio, Craft, & Conjure. You can find her original pieces for sale in Curio, Craft, & Conjure and you can find prints of her work here.

You can find Nancy's spiritual playlist here.

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