Episode Five: King Moe Graces Us with Her Presence

Unconventional/ Eccentric/ Visionary
Monique Floyd aka "King Moe" is on a mission to inspire women to " Be Themselves, See Themselves, and Free Themselves!" As a Transformational Photographer, Mentor, and Course Creator, everything she does points back to self-love, self- prioritization, confidence, visibility, ownership, and personal liberation. 
"I feel like I woke up to my life at 35 year old (8 years ago) and I pretty much started over with intention vs just societal conditioning. I left a career in the nuclear engineering industry, a marriage, a lifestyle, and most things that I found familiar so that I could find myself." She rediscovered her childhood passion for photography, and hasn't looked back since. 
King Moe has spent the past 8 years empowering women to show up for themselves and their businesses through her unique transformational photoshoot experiences and her bestselling online course Love Your Self(ie)™. To learn more visit www.imkingmoe.com.
If you want to book a session with Moe or find out more you may find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse: @imkingmoe

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