Episode Six: A Conversation with Colea

Colea is the creator of the Namase Podcast. In this episode we talking about their spiritual path, books, and more! Check it out here
Colea's Spiritual Playlist:
– "Holy" by Jamila Woods 
This song reminds me of my value and holiness; it put me together one particular day when I felt absolutely broken and I've loved it since.
- "Everywhere" Chloe x Halle
This is a great money manifestation song.
- "Good Day" SZA
It's a delightful song about naming boundaries.
- "River" Ibeyi
Any song about water I'm likely into. I believe in cleansing by water.
- "The Doxology" a Protestant?
It's a beautiful anthem of gratitude. 
- "Breathe Again" Joy Oladukon
I often feel alone in my anxiety; this song reminds me that there are others and that I'll make it out like I always do.
- "Sound and Color" Alabama Shakes
It's just such a fucking lovely song. The instrumentation and the vibes are impeccable. It reminds me to be present and relax my jaw and shoulders.
- "Stay High" Brittany Howard
This song uplifts my spirit and is a love song to all the goodness that could be. That's within grasp.
- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston
My momma loved Whitney Houston and listening to Whitney Houston makes me feel connected to my momma who passed when I was a kid.
- Improvisational Jazz
Listening to their creations is otherworldly.

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