Episode Three: Fun with Brianna Daniels


Welcome to the Curio Curandera Podcast! I’m your host Gianna. As you already know, every month I interview a different person on what their spiritual journey looked like, what their spiritual practices are, both traditional and nontraditional, and what their spiritual playlist is. This month I will be interviewing the awesome Brianna Daniels. Brianna is the owner of Cosmosis Stones, an awesome handcrafted jewelry business, a yogi and reiki practitioner. Also keep an ear out for a special code during this episode.

Briannas Spiritual Playlist can be found here.

"This playlist is a short rest stop of the some of the good spells that have been jazz maps, mantras for the mind, and hip hop meditations on my spiritual journey.

These are my tunes of transitions. Music to move in and out of scenarios that served and did not serve me, sonic articulations of sankofa,  my reminders to let that go and here we go.

Each bop has influenced my mind, body, and spirit.

You're invited to do as I have done soo many times.. look up the lyrics to all the love songs here sing them to yourself in times when you struggled with this kind of love.

The art of each artist listed here has in some way bolstered my self realization and the various identities I embodied, embody, and will embody as I travel through time and space my spiritual journey.

I hope these inspire you to sing, dance, breathe, listen, bob, smile, and use your time to rhythmically reveal you to you." - Brianna Daniels

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