Handmade Herbal/ Ritual Baths

Spiritual Cleansing can extend past Limpiezas (Energy Clearings) and can include various forms of herbal baths. Using a combination of herbs, salts, sugars, and other ingredients, Gianna creates organic, handmade baths for multiple intentions. Whether you are looking to remove jealousy or envy around you, want to attract abundance, or need extra protection, there is a spiritual bath for you. All Herbal/ Ritual Baths are available at Curio, Craft, & Conjure, Inc. 
Abundance Bath
What is abundance to you? Beauty? Wealth? Health? Or is it all of the above? This all encompassing abundance bath has been formulated to help you to attract all types of abundance to your life. You just have to know what abundance means to you. All of the herbs and ingredients of this bath are organic and safe to use on your skin.
Removes Jealousy Bath
Congratulations, you are doing enough with your life to have people envy you! That being said excess envy, jealousy, the evil eye, whatever you may like to call it can build up in your energetic field and cause obstacles in your path. If you are finding that you have a lot of things going on for you right now, and keep coming across little hiccups, you have picked up the right bath. This bath contains salt and herbs specifically combined to remove any jealousy that surrounds you at this time.
Peace Bath
Between work, home, and all of the everyday things that can stress us out or cause anxiety, we all need a little peace. This bath was formulated using herbs to help to reduce stress and anxiety and bring you to a peaceful state. Made with all organic ingredients this bath will have you at peace with yourself and surroundings.