Smudge Sprays

Energy is constantly being exchanged between people and in spaces. Whatever you are doing or experiencing, you’re experiencing it in a place and the energy of that exchange will remain there. As with people, energy can build up in spaces and begin to affect things. The energy can be cleansed away using different herbs and smoke or sprays. These sprays have been specially created to clear or attract specific energies using a combination of herbs and rainwater. All Smudge Sprays are available at Curio, Craft, & Conjure, Inc. 
Clear Smudge Spray
Have you moved recently? Gotten in an argument? Had a bad day at work? If so, you may want to clear the energy around you or your surroundings. Energy builds up in any spaces if it is not cleared, this means that your home is filled with the energy that surrounds you on any given day. The first step to any form of magic is clearing. You have to make space for the new to come in. Using this smudge spray you can do just that. Formulated using herbs specifically used for clearing, alcohol, and blessed rainwater Clear Smudge Spray is used to clear any energy (good or bad) to create a clean slate around you! 
I recommend using this spray in tandem with another spray such as Love, Joy, or Protect or be intentional after using this to bring in the energies you would like in your surroundings. 
Love Smudge Spray
Have you already smudged your home? Are you looking to call in a little extra love? Love Smudge Spray has been formulated using different flowers that all symbolize love. When sprayed in your home or surroundings, it calls love back in. This spray is not to call in a lover, this is to call in the feeling of that all encompassing unconditional love that we all want to come home to. 
I recommend treating yourself gently and with love and patience when you use this spray to align yourself with the energy of unconditional love.
Joy Smudge Spray
Have you already smudged your surroundings? Are you looking for an energy to bring into your home? Joy Smudge Spray has been created using herbs that are known to call in joy, this allows you to spray it in your surroundings after you have smudged it to call the energy of joy and happiness. 
I recommend listening to your favorite music, drinking your favorite drinks; you know, do some of your favorite things while spraying this around your surroundings to align with that feeling of joy. 
Protect Smudge Spray 
Have you already smudged your space? Have you moved into a new space and want to feel safe? Are you looking to call in protection? Protect Smudge Spray has been formulated to call in the protection of your ancestors. Using a combination of herbs for protection and herbs for calling in your ancestors, this spray helps to bring an "army" to you or your space blocking any negative energies from coming into your space. 
I recommend being mindful when using this. If you are calling in protection, don't invite people who don't make you feel safe into your home and don't do things that make you feel unsafe. This will protect you from outside energies, not poor choices.